• Caribbean Dance Music: A Music Scene Under Construction

    For years, there has been a distinct correlation between electronic dance music and the sweet music of The Caribbean. Countless dance records have already been released featuring caribbean artists and/or traditionally caribbean instruments. This growing interest in tropical sounds within the dance music community has sparked the cultivation of a very specific sub-genre, CDM (Caribbean Dance Music). All throughout the caribbean, producers, DJs, bloggers, and promoters have banded together to form The CDM Generation- a platform for caribbean dance music to continue to flourish globally. Launched in Trinidad & Tobago last year, CDM Generation has already established a strong presence...

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  • Hollywood Carnival 2015- We Ready For Di Road!

    Every year during June, Hollywood Boulevard is shut down to make way for the largest multi-cultural parade on the west coast. It is truly a sight to see as people of all different nationalities come together to celebrate and represent their heritage. From the beautiful dancing women in masquerade costumes, to the big music trucks and musicians coming down the road, this is one parade you wont forget! And if the wonderful blend of soca, reggae, and other worldly music doesn't grab you immediately, the authentic foods from around the world certainly will! Generally, these types of parades take place...

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