Its Thanksgiving time and we’re thankful to know so many amazing musicians, producers, and DJs who are pushing the envelope...



     ... in terms of the sounds they create and push through the speakers of the world. November also marks three years since the creation of the genre Moombahton, which we’ve covered extensively here on We Are Massiv.

    The story goes that the genre was created by Dave Nada in D.C. as a fluke when playing his cousin's Quincenero. He pitched down a Dutch House track by Afrojack to blend with some Reggaeton and a new genre was born. If you didn’t hear the mix he and his partner Matt Nordstrom (together “Nadastrom”) did for us a few months back, you can listen here.

    This month we celebrate the anniversary of the genre with our second Moombahton mix, this time with another group instrumental in progressing the genre and culture further- none other than New York’s Sazoon Booya!

    The Sazon Booya boys, Mr. Vega, of Brooklyn, Sav, of Queens, and Mystereo, of parts unknown, collabed on a track called“iluvia” which began as Electro House then morphed into French House before finally settling with a Moombahton vibe. The crew was solidified as a group soon after, once Dave Nada picked up the tune, adding it to his Soundcloud.  After that, it was off to the races!

    Be thankful for all that you have in your life, including We Are Massiv, Moombahton and Sazon Booya! 



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