• Hollywood Carnival 2015- We Ready For Di Road!

    Every year during June, Hollywood Boulevard is shut down to make way for the largest multi-cultural parade on the west coast. It is truly a sight to see as people of all different nationalities come together to celebrate and represent their heritage. From the beautiful dancing women in masquerade costumes, to the big music trucks and musicians coming down the road, this is one parade you wont forget! And if the wonderful blend of soca, reggae, and other worldly music doesn't grab you immediately, the authentic foods from around the world certainly will! Generally, these types of parades take place in the caribbean islands such as Trinidad, Barbados, St. Vincent, etc. But we, in Los Angeles, are lucky to be one of the few U.S. cities to host a carnival of our own. 
    Come June 27th, Hollywood Carnival (also referred to as Los Angeles Culture Festival) will take over the road for the 4th time with appearances and performances from some of the biggest caribbean artists such as Angela Hunt, Olatunji, and legendary soca artist, Machel Montano! Machel, who we collaborated with during Trinidad carnival this year, has shown much interest and involvement in the growth of the festival. 
    While the parade is the "main event", there is still much fun to be had the days leading up to and following that Saturday afternoon. We will be giving you coverage of all carnival events this year and invite you to join in! Last year, appearances were made by many big names in entertainment such as Jillionaire, Trinidad James, Anya Ayoung Chee, Damien Wayans, Eva Marcielle, and more. Come and see what special guests will be making their way to LA this year!
    For more info on Hollywood Carnival/Los Angeles Culture Festival, visit www.laculturefestival.com
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