• Hungry in DTLA?

    Being in Downtown Los Angeles and surrounded by numerous food arenas, we're frequently asked by visitors and shoppers where the best places to eat are. Depending on how hungry you are and how much you want to spend, here are some of our favorite places to eat:

    If you are looking for a light meal, Organic Greens to Go or Tender Greens are great options for something healthier and less heavy. However, it may put a small dent in your wallet.

    If you want to get full we recommend going to Grand Central Market and exploring the various options. At the Market you can get anything from sandwiches, burritos, pizzas, breakfast... the list goes on. Grand Central Market can be a wait at times, but regardless of where you go, you can almost guarantee it'll be worth the wait.

    Now if you're ballin' on a budget you can always grab a street dog from one of the carts--mostly on Los Angeles street. Jimmy Johns off of 7th street has amazing sandwiches at a great price. There are many fast food places as well, or if you find a good hole in the wall--like Panda King--you can get great prices for plenty of food.

    Regardless of how hungry you are, Downtown LA has what you need. 

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