• The Time Jessica Alba Showed Massiv MORE LOVE!

    Here at Massiv we handle most of the printing ourselves. Not only does this let us keep an eye on production, but it also gives us the ability to create what the people want. When we create our designs we often make custom one off pieces for our staff. Earlier this year one of these pieces was spotted by Jessica Alba when our vey own Matt Axelson was wearing his custom "More Love! 2" sweatshirt--self proclaimed "Axe Edition". 

    The "More Love! 2" sweatshirt, printed on a grey hoodie, isn't one of our standard designs. Another unique aspect of this sweatshirt is the "We Are Massiv" that runs down the left sleeve. Jessica Alba spotted Axe at an industry event where she asked for one as a gift to her husband, Cash Warren. Another celebrity who supports Massiv's brand is Rihanna who was seen last year sporting a black "No Mental Slavery" tee. Keep a look out, you never know who you're going to see next!

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