• Kendrick Lamar's New Album TPAB is Definitely MASSIV.

    This week the music industry was taken by surprise when Kendrick Lamar's new album "To Pimp A Butterfly" unexpectedly dropped on iTunes and Spotify a week before the release. Whether this was planned or not is up for debate, but the CEO of TDE Top Dawg himself was tweeting that he was upset by the release. However, Kendrick the day of the leak tweeted "20 years. Later", which was cryptic in itself, but looking back Tupac's "Me Against The World" was released 20 years prior to this release on the same day (end of album has a skit with Kendrick "interviewing" Tupac). Regardless of whether the album was planned to be leaked or not, the content itself has lead to plenty discussion. 

    As an avid fan myself I must say I was shocked when I finished listening to the album. After the success of GKMC you would expect the Compton MC to stick to the formula that worked on his debut album. This time around Kendrick went for a more organic approach. He used few samples, a large bulk of the production on TPAB is done with live instruments and done by very reputable talent behind each instrument. From Thunderbird playing live bass, Terrace Martin providing saxophone, and Robert Glasper on the keyboard you have an element of music that hip hop rarely includes: real instruments. 

    This might go over the average listeners head, but that is why this album is MASSIV. Kendrick stuck to his (new) formula and worked with composers and producers who helped him create an album with an organic twist. Though you don't have as many relatable records like "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe" or "M.A.A.D. City", what you get on TPAB is more timeless and definitely takes more work. "King Kunta" is definitely the most catchy record where you can feel the baseline carrying your ears through a funky journey. Go cop the album and don't forget when you're listening that you are hearing some raw hip hop, something we haven't been given in a while. 

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