• What is Massiv?

    You're familiar with the clothes by now. The collaborations speak for themselves. Massiv is universally accepted from Los Angeles to Jamaica and for good reason. But not everyone truly understands the history of the term “Massiv”.


    In English “Massiv” derives from the word massive, obviously, which holds a very mundane meaning. Massive means large, which represents the big influence on the lifestyle of the artists and tastemakers who put the clothes on. But Massiv is more than just this. In the Caribbean and Jamaican culture Massive is more of a trendy word. It stands for what is cool, hip, and happening. People are often referred to as massive, or certain aspects of life are deemed massive. Urban Dictionary will tell you that Massive is “People, group, collective. Jamaican origin”. They provide the word being used in a sentence: “All de massive dem love reggae music.” All across the world Massiv represents the hip collective, and universally it all leads to one thing; the people.


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