Introducing CHEDDA
    The Original Don
    Taking cues from an early age, as early as four years old—Tyrello Orane Johnson aka Chedda tagged along with his father Jamaican DJ Micheal Johnson, aka “Daddy Screw”, to dancehall parties and performances. Chedda watched his father as an entertainer and was immersed in dancehall culture. This was Chedda’s introduction to the music scene, which leaves no wonder as to his style influence and his effortless dancehall vibe.
    Chedda pays homage to 90s style dancehall, overlaid with a deep rumbling flow—and a partnership with music magician The Wizard has fused this familiar style with European electronica/dance influenced rhythms. A welcome meander from the standard tropes in dancehall music, Chedda has begun establishing himself as one more preoccupied with being stylishly infallible.
    With the musical affinity from his father and the stylish flair of his mother, Chedda identifies iconic men of the international music fraternity as motivators and influences in all various aspects of his career. “I identify with lyricists like Common and Mos Def, and I admire businessmen, like Jay-Z. Those individuals now, people who think out of the box—Kanye, Shabba, Supacat…and I have to give it up to Pharrell on style.”
    An unswerving admirer of fashion icons like Pharrell and Puffy—Chedda brings an easy, casually rock and roll look—a counter to his slightly aggressive, deep dancehall delivery. “I think style is just like music—it comes naturally…and I’m attracted to effortlessness. Or at least you should make it seem effortless.”
    Self-proclaimed “Olympian of Music and Style”, Chedda moves to establish himself as a Medalist with a Mentality because “society gets in the brain too much. A lot of people don’t have a mind of their own anymore.”
    But he has made his own mind up, and Chedda is on his way to becoming the next Don, The Original Don, because…
    “I am not a culture artist, or a dancehall artist. I am a communicator, a messenger. I am The Medalist! Me seh Swag Olympics!”
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