• CHANT AND PLANT! Not just a shirt - it's a MOVEMENT

    WE ARE MASSIV. is known for our clean and bold clothing. When we deviate from our signature style, it's time to take notice. Something important is happening. 

    That ‘something big’ is the reissue of the CHANT AND PLANT shirt, inspired by reggae band Rootz Underground's ‘Rootz Releaf’ campaign, which encourages tree planting on a global scale. The band has planted thousands of trees through this effort. Rootz Underground also works with R.E.A.P. (Releaf Environmental Awareness Program) in Jamaica, which teaches school children the importance of planting trees and taking care of the environment.


    When Nate (WE ARE MAASIV.) and Charles Lazarus (Rootz Underground) fist met, Nate had another clothing brand known as ‘Rebel Roots,’ which was focused on the reggae world. The connection naturally went from the occasional hang-out to a solid friendship, which crossed from reggae to the electronic music interests they both shared. When asked how this collaboration came into being, Lazarus stated, "He was there when we conceptualized CHANT AND PLANT and we were there when WE ARE MASSIV popped into his creative mind. Having a collaboration was only natural, as we both support one another’s missions and causes."

    What have you done for your community lately?

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